Update Ocean Europe to US

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Update Ocean Europe to US

Update of the worsened situation from EUROPE to US.

  • Mainly due to equipment shortage, several carriers refuse to accept new bookings for the month of February and March.
  • Short-term bookings in general are not available as ships are booked out weeks in advance.
  • Special reefer or open top equipment is almost impossible to find for the next few weeks.
  • Confirmed bookings are cancelled by the carriers without warning due to lack of equipment and/or subject to rollover to the next sailing.
  • Sailings are delayed by several days or weeks due to port rotations or complete omission.
  • Carriers are starting to offer ‘premium’ service ($1000.00 per container) although with a lack of equipment, there are no guarantees.
  • Several carriers implemented an ‘Equipment Imbalance Surcharge’ of average $ 200.00 per container.
  • LCL consolidation are filled up and on short-term only available to weekly shippers.
  • There are heavy delays for pre-carriage to the ports as truckers are backlogged, also due to many restrictions under Covid-19

As always, we appreciate your understanding and patience in this regard. We will continue to do our best to find the best possible solution under the current circumstances.

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