Update Coronavirus 16 maart

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Update Coronavirus 16 maart

The Corona virus crisis really has our country knocked down now to a position where a lot of people working from home, schools are closed and many operations such as truckers, handlers, airport and port operations are at a lower level than usual.

We do everything in our power to help our customers in the best way we can. We facilitated that a part of our office staff can work from home. At the office several actions have been taken to make sure the contamination risk is as low as possible.


Export operation is running pretty smooth but there are a few challenges such as equipment is sometimes difficult to get, port operators work with reduced capacity and some delays occurred the past weeks due to several serious storms. Our export team is up and running to face these challenges and come with solutions.
Import China will not come in for several weeks since there are almost no departures in February due to Chinese New Year and the Corona lock down in China. As an alternative we have a Sea Air Service from China via Canada in place.
Ocean Import USA is running as usual until now.


The airfreight situation is very difficult right now. Almost no import from China since several weeks and since this weekend passengers aircrafts to the USA very limited. Most of our cargo is carried on passengers airplanes such as with most freight forwarders.
The rates are going up sky high and nobody can really confirm a fixed rate for a certain period. We have to look for alternatives as much as possible and rates calculations need to take place case by case.

European Trucking

Due to the crisis in many European countries there are border closings and several companies are working at lower levels. Therefore delays can occur on a daily basis and it is import that our customers need to get approval from their customers before final booking.

May I ask all our customers and relations to take notice of the restrictions in this historic unusual situation. Thank you for your continued support and stay healthy.

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