Corono virus crisis update

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Corono virus crisis update

This is to inform all our relations about the further impact of the Corona virus crisis on our business.

For already 2 weeks many countries in Europe, also The Netherlands, are struggling under the worse crisis since World War II. The economy is hurt badly, many businesses are closed or working at a reduced capacity.

Specifically for the logistic business there are many challenges, such as:

  • Shortage of truckers and handlers
  • Shortage of equipment
  • Cancellation of vessel loops
  • Blank sailings
  • Reduced capacities in ports
  • Customs works with minimum capacities – delays
  • Ocean delays by quarantine enforcement
  • Port closings
  • Airports closed
  • Almost no belly capacity on passenger aircrafts for air cargo anymore
  • Enormous run on airfreight freighter capacity – rates are sky high
  • Reduced labor at carriers, authorities, customs, handlers and forwarders

All this leads to a very unusual situation where every day procedures are changing and nobody really knows what comes next.

Within Intervracht Nederland BV we remain working with about 1/3 of our staff in the office, the rest of our employees is working remotely or is sick.

Since nothing works as usual the working hours per day are extended, sometimes to the extreme.

Nevertheless please be sure we will do our utmost to help and assist where possible and thank you for your support.

Management Intervracht Nederland BV

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