What is a customs broker?

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What is a customs broker?

What is a customs broker and what does this party do exactly?

A customs broker is a party who gives you advice and support in handling customs formalities arising from the import and export of your goods. Not just any party will be able to simply act as a customs broker; it requires a licence and, above all, expertise.


What exactly does a customs broker do?

A customs broker handles all your customs formalities. Based on documents (such as invoices) made available to the customs broker, he will make the declarations. The customs broker makes sure that all required documents are handed to the customs officers. They know the procedures from beginning to end, so that customs matters can be handled quickly, accurately and on time. The customs broker can be seen as a consultant who supports you with the preparation and performance of import and export processes. Apart from that, they will assist you in case of any customs-related problems or disputes.

Are you not able to just handle your own customs formalities?

Yes, you would be able to handle your own customs formalities if you have the required licences. However, regulations for transporting goods from and to the European Union are complex, which means that you need the right knowledge. Apart from the required licences and knowledge, you also need software to handle the customs formalities. It is therefore a very logical decision to contract out your customs affairs.

To whom can you contract out your customs affairs?

There are various ‘types’ of customs brokers. Firstly, there are customs brokers who focus exclusively on customs matters and therefore do not offer any logistics services. There are also logistics service providers who have their own customs brokerage department, which is run by customs experts. Finally, there are logistics service providers who are not authorised to handle customs formalities and therefore contract out this work, but still offer it under their own name.


Are you looking for a customs broker?

Apart from an ocean and air freight forwarder, Intervracht is also a customs broker. So, if you would like to be relieved of all your worries about shipments, including the organisation of customs formalities, then Intervracht is the partner who can assist you. Contact Intervracht’s customs experts if you require more information or if you are interested in our services.


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